Cross-Country Course Revealed

Sep 14th 2022

Riders and spectators have been assessing Giuseppe Della Chiesa's exciting cross-country course with its beautiful backdrop of the Castelli Romani National Park.
There are 30 fences or combinations and the distance measures at 5,600m with an optimum time of 9 minutes 50 seconds (570m/min).
There is plenty of tradition — Albino's Water Trough at fence 2, bringing back memories of former course-designer Albino Garbari — and the notorious KEP Slide at fence 7. This obstacle, a log perched on top of a steep slope, has featured at Pratoni since the Olympic Games in 1960; at the bottom of the hill are two skinny brush fences.
The track, which has good sandy going, is a clever mix of let-up fences and challenging combinations, but horses will need to be fit for the undulations and uphill stretches. The former eventing Italian team rider and then Paralympic rider Ferdinando Acerbi expects the double of brushes, the Fischer Corners at 11, and the water complex at 24, the Longines Hydroconquest Combinations, to be influential.

Click HERE to view the cross-country course with Giuseppe Della Chiesa.


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