FEI Driving World Championships Pratoni 2022 - RESULTS


Driving is the only equestrian sport in which the horse is not ridden but is driven from a carriage drawn by one, two or four horses as in the case of the WEC. There are three tests resulting in a combined ranking: dressage, the marathon and obstacle cone driving. Dressage is a test performed inside a 40x100m arena in which a number of compulsory figures must be performed. The marathon is a real and proper rally culminating in a final test that involves a number of hazards including natural features such as water, steep slopes as well as real labyrinths. Finally there is the obstacle cone driving test consisting in a timed slalom between twenty pairs of cones each having a ball balanced on top. The total of points acquired in the three tests determines the final placings. While precision in executing the movements as well as elegance are judged in the dressage test, in the marathon and cone driving tests time plays a fundamental role since penalties are assigned for delays in the times permitted and mistakes made at obstacles.

Show events:
Wednesday 21 September 2022 All times in UTC+1
Obst. Height
Prize Money
Event Code
No. 01
Name CH-M-A 4
Rule D+M+C
Prize Money 159000.00 EUR
Event Code CH-M-A 4

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