Flash Quotes - Eventing

What They Say

Flash Quotes - Eventing

What They Say



Yasmin Ingham/Banzai du Loir: «I went in there and just tried to block everything else out. I was under a heap of pressure, going in in silver medal position. I’m just delighted that my horse went out there and did his absolute best. It’s probably not the best round he’s ever jumped, but he listened to me the whole way round the course.»


Michael Jung/fischerChipmunk FRH: «To lose and win at the same time is a strange feeling to be honest! But I’m very happy, it was a great day, my horse jumped amazing, he was in super form, all of us were in good form and I just want to thank all our team behind us who help us come here and have a good performance all week and to win the gold medal with the whole team is amazing!».


Sandra Auffarth/Viamant du Matz: «It was cool for everyone to watch because it was so up and down for all the teams. I did not have the best round, I have a really good showjumper but today he was a bit not concentrated and impressed by the atmosphere so after that we were fighting, but we were very happy in the end that we made it!»


Julia Krajewski/Amande de B’Neville: «She jumped her socks off! My goal was to finish on my dressage score and I did. I knew she could jump clear but you really had to get it together today because that was a tough course.»


Boyd Martin/Tsetserleg TSF: «For us to have five clear rounds in the cross-country yesterday was awesome. I’ve been on many of these championship teams and it was so close over and over again today so it’s a massive sigh of relief!».


Tamra Smith/Mai Baum: «We came here to do our best and we all knew potentially we could medal but we are pleasantly surprised. Looking at the results and we are less than 0.4 from third, and it just shows the quality of the field - I’m honoured to be here»


Tim Price/Falco: «This is not a position we’ve been used to in some time. Andrew Nicholson came over and said ‘you guys have waited long enough for that - well done!’. It’s amazing, we’ve had a great week, all very solid, and what a finish! We’ve had faith in him (talking about his horse Falco) from the start, he always been an out-and-out jumper but to get into Sunday and use that in the best way is just incredible. We worked so hard for this, we focused on it for years, this kind of major event with the team behind us and the nation behind us it means everything!».




Austin O' Connor/Colarado Blue (IRL): 'It was quite a different ride to any I have had on him with the terrain and the smaller dimensions of fences. it was a little bit of a new experience, but he was very strong and maybe enjoying a little bit too much.' [0.8 time penalties]


Karin Donkers/Fletcha Van t'Verahof (BEL): 'It was super to ride in Pratoni and I am so glad I brought Fletcha. It's not the first time I have been held on cross-country in a 30-year career! I was stopped for 15 minutes [for Nicolas Touzaint's fall] after 9ab which was followed by a serious combination but the organisers had provided a little practice fence in the shade and that was brilliant.' [11.2 time penalties]


Tim Price/Falco (NZL): 'He's an out and out jumper and has learned the job At one point we didn't think he would go above novice, but he has really proved himself. I thought I was pretty impressive finishing one second inside the time and then Boyd, who is on the same dressage score as me, went and finished bang on it and goes above me [they were both on the same dressage score]!' [inside time]


Boyd Martin/Tsetserleg TSF (USA): 'I'd like to say that I timed it perfectly [finishing exactly on the optimum time] but it actually came as a relief. This course doesn't suit my horse, who prefers the big 5*s, but he tries and tries. he's a legend. Originally I just thought he was a hairy pony and had him for the kids to ride, but a horse that tries is all you need.' [inside time]


Oliver Townend/Ballaghmore Class (GBR): 'It is a wonderful feeling to do well on the world stage. It was a very different test to normal, but very fair. it didn't really suit the older 5* horses that prefer big open courses to attack and the distances here didn't suit my horse, but he was so genuine and he wanted to go between the flags. He lost a shoe at fence 7, which just shows what an honest horse he is to go so well.' [Inside time]


Andrew Hoy/Vassily de Lassos (AUS): It wasn't meant to be today. It just shows that horses aren't machines. My horse was superb everywhere except for those two fences, and that was costly.' [20 penalties at fences 7 and 24]


Padraig McCarthy/Falulah (IRL): 'The mare was really incredible. I didn't think I'd get near the time because she is dressage bred. I'm incredibly proud. She's a gutsy horse and so brave.' [2.8 time penalties]


Julia Krajewski/Amande de B'Neville (GER): 'I was confident that she was super-fit and would be on it to the end. Yes, it's a twisty course, but Tokyo was more stressful for me - here there was time in between fences to pat my horse. It is a good course because there is the chance to get less experienced horses home.' [inside time]


Gaspard Maksud/Zaragoza (FRA): 'It was hard work - the mare is super classy to do the time as a nine-year-old. It doesn't matter who is on top, a horse has to be pretty special to do that.' [inside time]


Holly Jacks/Candy King (CAN): It's my first time on a team so i wanted to take it stride by stride and we got home. It's been amazing to have this kind of support. Everyone is helping and it's a great group of people.'


Robin Godel/Grandeur de Lully CH (SUI): 'The Olympic spot [for the first seven teams] was very much in my mind. I tried to be quicker but it was also important to let the horse breathe and I lost a bit of time.' [7.2 time penalties]


Jonelle Price/McClaren (NZL): ' Obviously I had a few time faults, but a clear round was what the doctor ordered. I was suddenly under pressure [after a stop for team mate Clarke Johnston].  I was really quick up to six or seven minutes but he got a bit tired at the end.' [6 time penalties]


Tamra Smith/Mai Baum (USA): 'This is a hard course for 5* horses because the jumps aren't as bit and it is twisty, but mine is such a good jumper. I did have to wrangle him a bit though - I really didn't want six strides going down the slide and I was like "Waaah!" When I looked at old footage of Pratoni I thought they won't have that fence! And then when I found it was here my heart was racing. It's great to have Ian Stark as our team trainer; he has taught us all so much about riding fast.'


Kevin McNab/Scuderia 1918 Don Quidam (AUS): 'My rein broke between an A & B element and I had to reach down and get it while not crossing my tracks. I won't tell you what words were going through my mind! When it broke I was a couple of seconds up on time. It took me a minute to mend the reins and I finished a minute over the time. It is so frustrating and unfortunate for the horse because he went beautifully.' [44.8 time penalties]


Tom McEwen/Toledo de Kerser (GBR): 'I would prefer to be at Burghley! My horse was really fired up and it took me about five minutes to settle him. It was typical Toledo, legs everywhere, jumping everything. Normally he is a pleasure to ride, but today the pleasure was in finishing. The striding on the course was short and he is a big striding horse. The organisers have done a fantastic job on the going though.' [4.8 time penalties, flag under investigation]


Susanna Bordone/Imperial van de Holtakkers: «I really can’t find an explanation for the three refusals. It’s something that Imperial has never done before. He was jumping very well before. On n. 7, I’d lost a rein and he didn’t react at all. On combination n. 11 he just said no. He didn’t even want to go for the optional way. Nor on the left and nor on the right hand. I thought I could end the season here but now we might consider – accordingly with his condition – to try another competition before our annual break».


Sandra Auffarth/Viament du Matz (GER): 'It was a perfect run on a perfect horse. It was super all the way round. I had a good feeling about it and was not worried about once single fence. As always, my horse makes for the inside line - I have never had a horse like that before. If he was human, he would be a skier.' [inside time]


Lauren Nicholson/Vermiculus (USA): 'He was super. This is around our ninth major competition and he knows me really well. It was all about hammering for the time from the get-go for me, rather than the fences, as he has a long stride. I am so glad to get it done for the team - it's always a fine line between riding for the team and being gutsy. Ian Stark (team trainer] has been super - he didn't give me any motivational rubbish which I hate at this stage. I always say "Just give me the facts!".' [5.6 time penalties]


Hazel Shannon/Willingapark Clifford (AUS): 'It was great. He is such a great jumper and a fighter. We didn't have any sticky moments. I rode to the plans of the team and on the great information from Shane Rose [our pathfinder]. It all worked smoothly and I am so pleased. A clear round at my first championships!' [11.2 time penalties]


Laura Collett/London 52 (GBR): 'I am absolutely gutted and now I have put the pressure on the guys [Tom McEwen and Oliver Townend]. London 52 was so fresh and too well in himself. He over-jumped [at the slide] and I tried to angle him for three strides to the second skinny but couldn't. He was very keen - even at straightforward fences I had to really set him up. I feel I have let the team down.' [20 penalties at fence 7]


Dana Cooke/Mississippi (CAN): 'I just got a little close to fence 7 and the same coming out of the water, when I was on a long rein, but she was awesome and, otherwise, I am pretty thrilled.' [20 penalties at fences 7 and 21]


Marco Cappai/Uter: «I deeply regret I jeopardize our team result so far. It’s such a shame. Our training for cross-country was so good… Uter proved to be a masterclass. The little escape on the last fence of the combinatation n. 7 was due to a misunderstanding. A little distraction that should have been avoid in such a circumstance. The jump was very tight. There was a lot of people aside… That’s the way it has gone». (20 penalties on fence n. 7, 10 penalties for the time)


Evelina Bertoli/Fidjy des Melezes: «I’m super happy for Fidjy clear course and for the great support I felt on each jump on this challenging cross-country. My mare was a bit strong and by the end of the course I was more tired than she was. But what a fantastic supporting crow… Almost like the one for the New York Marathon. Cries and flags supported me all the way round» (21,2 time faults)


Arianna Schivo/Quefira de l’Ormeau: «I’m very happy with my performance. It’s not easy to be starting first in the team, with no comparing points. The most important thing was to score a nice clear round. My goal was also to stay within the time but I missed that because of a couple of choices I took. The course was very tiring, especially because of the up-and-downs at the beginning. Half a way I hade to let Quefira breath a bit but she was as good as usual».


Christoph Wahler/Carjatan S (GER): 'I did start out to be quicker but I wanted to be clear for the team. The corners on the hill rode incredibly well and horses take it in their stride.' (9.6 time penalties)


Sam Watson/Talisman SAP (IRL): 'I was very thankful for the hills because my horse is very sharp. We get to watch superb dressage with elegant horses but we must keep pushing the cross-country standard and I hope young people watching will think it is fun to go out on a horse like mine, because it was fun.' (2.4 time penalties)


Astier Nicolas/Alertamalib'or (FRA): 'I had to make a choice at the slide and unfortunately I made the wrong choice and lost a bit of control. It was really my fault. But apart from that he was class [20 penalties for a run-out at fence 7 and 11 for a frangible pin at 18]


Senne Vervaecke/Google van Alsingen (BEL): I am very happy. It was a bit of a rollercoaster. I have a very fit horse but I felt I had to bring him a notch down to come home, but he is so honest. I said to him, "don't worry, I know where the flags are". [10.8 time faults]


Esteban Benitez Valle/Nukaba 23 (ESP): 'The riding was much better than the walking! All the distances came good.' [14.4 time penalties]


Monica Spencer/Artist (NZL): 'It rode like a Championships! You had to fight your way round and I was well down on the seconds so I just let him go. It's tough going first. I am going to tell my team mates to stay on their markers.' [4.4 time penalties]


Will Coleman/Off the Record (USA): 'My horse answered all the questions confidently. He's a bit of a bulldog and I was pleased at how arrogant he was out there. He is very fit.' (0,8 time penalties]


Ros Canter/Lordships Gruffalo (GBR): 'I couldn't be more proud of "Walter". He is green and inexperienced but he focuses when he needs to. I was pretty confident after Badminton but he has experienced hills like that at home so I knew that he could keep his feet. It rode as I walked it, but it helps to have a horse that it is rideable. I did feel the pressure of going first for the team and was glad to get home.' [First rider inside time]


Yasmin Ingham/Banzai du Loir (GBR): 'He was fantastic. it was hard work, very intense, the terrain more than anything, but I am so glad I was on Banzai. He felt very at home in the hills. At the first water we landed a little more steeply than I would have liked and maybe that is where I lost the seconds.' [1.2 time penalties]


Arianna Schivo/Quefira de l’Ormeau: «I’m very happy with my performance. It’s not easy to be starting first in the team, with no comparing points. The most important thing was to score a nice clear round. My goal was also to stay within the time but I missed that because of a couple of choices I took. The course was very tiring, especially because of the up-and-downs at the beginning. Half a way I had to let Quefira breath a bit but she was as good as usual».



DRESSAGE - Day 2 / Part 3-4


Giovanni Ugolotti/Duke of Champions: «I performed the best Italian score and I’m really pleased. Especially if you consider I’ve been riding The Duke of Champions only for a year now. I missed some points but the horse is constantly improving. The Olympic qualifications could be within the reach of our team and cross-country tomorrow can reverse any provisional order. It is a very technical course. You need to be quick to react to uneasy situations, especially on the up-and-downs». (Score 27,7)


Tim Price/Falco (NZL): «I am very pleased with Falco and think he is at the right level of his ability for this stage in his career. At Pau last year [where they won], he started to anticipate the movements, but in a good way». Score: 26.2


Boyd Martin/Tsetserleg (USA): «He is such a trier this little horse. Yes, the USA team is in a good place after dressage, but it doesn't mean anything! I've been sitting pretty before and it's gone wrong. I think it is a proper championship cross-country course but I am on a veteran horse and he has done bigger, better and worse courses before». Score: 26.2


Oliver Townend/Ballaghmor Class (GBR): «I especially enjoyed his cater work and felt then that I could breathe and ride. I am more excited than nervous about the cross-country. We know each other inside out and he is a lovely horse to ride. I just hope he does the job for me and I do it for him. He's a complex character, but beautiful in every way and we've never had him fitter or healthier». Score: 24.3


Andrew Hoy/Vassily de Lassos (AUS): «I think Vassily's trot-work was the best he has done. He is a stronger horse since Tokyo [where they won team silver and individual bronze medals] and I do a lot of slower, steadier work with him, which has helped. He is a true athlete in his own right. I think it is a true championship course but there is a section in the middle where I won't go too quickly because it is against the camber». Score: 28.1


Alex Hua-Tian (CHN, individual): 'I am very proud of Don Geniro as he tends to get hotter and fizzier as the season goes on. He also finds travelling hard and so we broke the journey. This means I haven't been able to work him as usual, but I am still delighted with him. Plan A was the Asian Games, but they have been postponed and we came out here in May to Pratoni to have a look - two things he doesn't like are hills and heat, so tomorrow [cross-country] may be academic in competitive terms. This may be his last big competition, but we will see.' Score: 23.7


Michael Jung/FischerChipmunk FRH (GER): 'I have to say that I am really proud of my horse. It is wonderful to be competing at this level with another superstar. He was so relaxed, but still powerful and concentrating. The cross-country has nice jumps, but it is twisty and will be difficult to get a nice rhythm. But this horse is top in dressage, top in cross-country and top in show jumping as well.' Score: 18.8


Austin O'Connor /Colarado Blue (IRL): Obviously I would have liked to have been sub-30 and I was hoping to be around there, but I will be pleased if I stay on that score. It's an honour to be at my first world championships.' Score: 32.2


Jonelle Price/McLaren (NZL): «This is McClaren's best test so far, which is crazy because he is 15, but he has had quite a journey - he was with a young boy before Mark Todd [who rode him at the 2018 championship] started riding him. He is a fantastic jumper; he has "small-man syndrome" and thinks he is the best. I think time will be the biggest factor on the cross-country because this is such a high-class field.» Score: 26.1


Tamra Smith/Mai Baum (USA): «He tried a little too much at the start, but I'm really proud of him. It's a 24 so I'll take it! I think the cross-country will suit him perfectly - horses need to be fast, but also rideable and he is all of those things as well as being smart and brave. Going to Tokyo [as reserve] gave me some experience but this feels awesome. it's been a lifetime goal and to be on this horse is special - he's the best in the world.» Score: 24.0


Tom McEwen/Toledo de Kerser (GBR): «It wasn't our best test [after an early mistake when the horse broke into canter] and I probably didn't have enough leg on coming into the arena, so it was a bit of a recovery process. But to be able to produce a really good test after that - his canter work was great - is pleasing. He doesn't really like an arena surface, so I am looking forward to the next two phases being on grass and I wouldn't want to be sitting on anything else.» Score: 25.6


Kevin McNab/Scuderia 1918 Don Quidam (AUS): «He felt super and grew a little. It's a personal best for the 5* test. We didn't have as good a preparation as we did for Tokyo [where Australia won the silver medal] but this horse has enough mileage to know his job. He's a cheeky character - I look forward to riding him every day. The cross-country is tough enough, particularly jumping across a camber.» Score: 25.7


Carlos Parro/Goliath (BRA): «I rode at Pratoni in 1998 and it all feels very familiar. We are the same team as in 1998 and we all know each other really well. Marcello [Tosi] and I grew up like brothers as we are from the same area in Brazil and Ruy [Fonseca] wasn't far away.» Score: 32.8


Alina Dibowski/Barbados 26 (GER, individual): «It's quite overwhelming to be at my first senior championships but also very exciting. My dad [Andreas, former team member] is the groom. He advised me to ride in the same way I would at home.» Score: 30.6


Susanna Bordone/Imperial van de Holtakkers: «When I think that the Avenches fall was only 68 days ago, with five fractures in my pelvis, two in my ribs and one in my collarbone... My first goal was just to walk again. And yet here I am, thanks to the incredible work of my team, who kept Imperial in perfect condition, and thanks to my tenacity. Dressage is not the most suitable cup of tea for my horse, but Laura Conz prepared him well and the feeling with Imperial did the rest. I am therefore very satisfied with this score of 30.1».


Lara de Liedekerke-Meier/Hermione d'Arville (BEL): «I did perhaps let some marks go, but then I am riding a nine-year-old [the youngest horse] in her first 5-star test. My main job is to help the team qualify for the Olympics in Paris. She is home-bred and I know her inside out. I have loved her right from the start.» Score: 31.6


Robin Godel/Grandeur de Lully CH (SUI): «My test is what I hoped for; it was a very good rhythm for me. When we did the arena familiarisation he was very spooky but he does his best for me and we have confidence together. We can be happy with this dressage mark because we know that it will be difficult to get the cross-country time. It is a beautiful track, but it is hilly and Andrew [Nicholson, team trainer] has told us not to push too early.» Score: 26.8


Shenae Lowings/Bold Venture (AUS, individual): «There were a couple of little glitches in the first movement, which was a shame, but otherwise I am pleased. My horse is not a normal thoroughbred and you have to move him on a bit. I bought him off the racetrack in 2016 and he is growing into more and more of a good event horse. There is a great atmosphere here at Pratoni. It's my first championship and my first trip to the northern hemisphere and you soak up so much. The Australian team is great and I am absorbing such a lot from them.» Score: 26.3


Ariel Grald/Leamore Master Plan (USA, individual): «I try to keep pausing to take a breath and looking around to take it all in because it is my first championship and so often you don't take enough time. I'm really proud to be here representing the States.» Score: 32.5


Amanda Pottinger/Just Kidding (NZL individual): «I am a bit disappointed with my mark but dressage is subjective. Equally, I could have done a better job. You just don't know how a horse will feel at these big events. But it is a good cross-country track and no one will be talking about dressage tomorrow morning!» Score: 31.2


Julia Krajewski/Amande de B'Neville (GER): «It's not a favourite thing for us to go between the white rails but she had an amazing extended canter and trot and good flying changes. I wanted to be around 25 and that is (nearly) what I got! My horse is built like a showjumper - she can jump everything. And she is really fit - I have been on a hill about 25 times this and I have been based close to Pratoni in the spring and have been galloping here too.» Score: 26.00


Padraig McCarthy/Fallulah (IRL): «It's the best test we have done together. She felt very consistent. Fallulah hasn't got a lot of blood but she has got the time at plenty of hilly competitions. It's an interesting cross-country course. It isn't dimensionally huge, but I think there are a lot of places to make mistakes.» Score: 29.4


DRESSAGE - Day 1 / Part 1-2


Dana Cooke/Mississippi (CAN, individual): «I have been based at Bill Levett's [Australian rider] in Britain this year and he has kept my horses going as I went back and forth to Canada. We bought Mississippi as a four-year-old from Clayton Fredericks - she came from Germany. At first I worried that as a coloured mare she might be harder to sell but she's got prettier as she got older. We call her Miss Perfect.» Score: 39.4


Sanne de Jong/Enjoy (NED): «Enjoy is not built to be a dressage horse, but she is the most rideable. She's a home-bred - my mum used to event the grandmother - and so have grown up together. I broke her in and I did my first Nations Cup and my first European championships on her.» Score: 34.3


Evelina Bertoli/Fidjy des Melezes: «I’m so glad with my performance, especially considering that I achieved it in a very particular atmosphere. It’s a World Championship and it is in Italy. My Fidjy was at her debut in a 5 star test and she had a pretty clean test. She was actually good. As far as I’m concerned, I felt all the pressure to be in front of my home public, with my family by the arena… At the end, my will to have a good performance prevailed» (score 29,8)


Lauren Nicholson/Vermiculus (USA): «It's important to put down a good score for the team. The judges want to like my horse and they always have. I'm excited about the cross-country - it should suit him and he is very seasoned. Obviously anything can happen, but I am happy. I was the only US rider to come to the Test Event [at Pratoni in May]. It was super useful as, being in the States, we don't go to many events that we haven't been to before.' Score: 27.1


Yoshiaki Oiwa/Calle 44 (JAP): «I am happy with this compared to my last few shows and I think it was the best we could do. I think I am getting a bit soft myself and I perhaps didn't ask my horse enough.' Score: 28.0


Laura Collett/London 52 (GBR): «What a horse. He's just such a pleasure to ride. There were bits that were good at Badminton [where they won] but there were bits that needed improving and I was glad once I'd got the centre line bit done. I thought Carl [Hester, trainer] will be pleased with that! Pressure? Oh yes! I'm aware that I'm sat on one of the best horses in the world. I'm one of the luckiest riders to be sitting on him.' 19.3


Hazel Shannon/Willingapark Clifford (AUS):«I'm stoked by my first championships. I'm so honoured to be riding for my country.' Score: 30.3


Marco Cappai/Uter: «32,5: an unexpected score. Uter was very good and really amazed me. I’m so satisfied if you consider this is his first 5 stars test. Since a month ago, we didn’t practice a lot on it. We actually started when we knew we were coming here. Having said so, I could have ridden better».


Sandra Auffarth/Viamant du Matz (GER): «He was in really good form but it was windy in there and he became a bit fresh. Then the H marker came down and he became a bit spooky. He tried his best, though, and it's not a dressage competition. The course is fantastic; everyone will have plenty to think about.» Score: 31.3


Susie Berry/Monbeg By Design (IRL): «He's only 10 and he made a mistake early on and it was hard to claw it back from there, such a terrible start. The cross-country is very different to the British or Irish courses. If the horses have enough in the engine, it will ride nicely. That slide [at fence 7] is pretty mental! If it was a ski slope you cross back and forth across it.» Score: 38.0


Carl Slezak/Fernhill Wishes (CAN): «The cross-country course looks great and should all be doable. It's fantastic to be here - my mum is Italian, so it feels great being at an Italian championships.» Score: 37.8


Thomas Carlile/Darmagnac de Beliard (FRA): «I am very pleased. He's a shy little horse and you have to give him confidence. If you leave him alone he worries. Everything was shaking his emotions, but we have had him since the start - we used to feed him in the field as a yearling, so we know him inside out. I adore this place [Pratoni]. It is such a fantastic venue. We came here in 2019 and hoped they would regenerate for the championship. The cross-country seems like a good balance between modern ([the MIM clips] and proper old-fashioned good cross-country riding.» Score: 26.4


Jarno Verwimp/Mahalia (BEL): «It's quite exciting [my championship debut]. I couldn't really breathe - I thought "gosh, this is a big occasion", but when we got going it was all right. My horse is a real mare, who knows her own way, but if she wants to work for you, she is amazing, and she was supple and relaxed. I am sponsored by the military but my uniform hasn't arrived yet!» Score: 30.0


Yasmin Ingham/Banzai du Loir (GBR, individual) after taking the Thursday morning lead: «It's the first time he's gone into an arena and felt really with me. We've now had more experience in atmospheric arenas and have been trying different techniques for warming up. Chris Bartle [trainer] has been an amazing help. The final warm-up was only 20 minutes - he is quite a fit, sharp character. He's a special horse and it's so special to be here [on my senior championship debut]. It's been one of my goals and what I have been working for, but I have to thank the team behind the scenes - there is an army behind every rider.» Score: 22


Niklaus Lindback/Focus Filiocus (SWE, individual): «It was less a case of expecting, more of hoping ,about my mark. Dressage is not this horse's strong point, but this is his best performance. I have competed here in the winning team in the Nations Cup in 2019, so we have form here!» Score 29.0


Hanne Wind Ramsgaard/Amequ Torino (DEN individual): «We're not here to win medals but to show our country what a great sport this is - we had to fund-raise to come here, It is very satisfying to be here on a horse I bred - I never thought he would come to a world championship. This is his first 5-star test and I love him.» Score: 45.1


Fouaad Mirza/Seigneur Medicott (IND, individual): «My horse does react to atmosphere and once or twice was too much for me. He has a lot of thoroughbred blood and is sensitive, but he is a fine horse - very intelligent. That makes the training easier, but there is a slight downside to it. I have been the only Indian rider for a while, but the sport is growing at home at the speed of light and I hope to come back one day with a team.» Score: 30.1


Korntawat Samran /Uster de Chanay (THA, individual): «My horse gave me his best. It is our first championships and I didn't expect much, but we did our best. I have had this horse for three years and I hope to go to the Paris Olympics with him. He is really gentle, really cute, and really fast - he knows his job.» Score: 31.9


Aistis Vitkauskas/Commander VG (LTU, individual): «Commander by name, Commander by nature. We are getting better, but if he makes one mistake it snowballs, so it's always best if the first mistake is as late as possible! But he is the horse I'd like to be sitting on for the cross-country. It's tough. I have been to five European championships, but somehow never got to a worlds before now.» Score: 44.3


Will Coleman/Off The Record (USA): «Highlights? I don't know if there are that many highlights in a dressage test! I think we squeezed every point out of that that we could and did our best. It was clean and relatively mistake-free. Going first for the team is a tough job. It's an intense cross-country track and my job is to go out and bring back feedback to the rest of the team.» (Score: 26.4)


Ros Canter/Lordships Gruffalo (GBR): «I am absolutely delighted with "Walter". He is only 10 and every day is a school day for him and I think in a few years' time you will see a bigger and better Walter. He has a natural balance and is a self-confident horse that loves an occasion. My trainer told me not to practise a halt too close to the crowd but he doesn't mind, he doesn't give a monkey's! The cross-country is definitely a championship course with lots of challenges and plenty of places for a silly whoopsie.» (Score: 26.1)


Shane Rose/Virgil (AUS): «I'm really pleased - we had four really nice flying changes. I would have liked some more marks, but I can't change that! I'm plenty happy. Virgil [aged 17] is an amazing horse, very competent at all levels of cross-country, short, long, windy or galloping. He gallops well and if I look after him, he'll do a good job.»


Arianna Schivo/Quefira de l’Ormeau: «We had the right start. Quefira really pleased me. She has been cooperative and relaxed for the whole test. I honestly was waiting for something more than 33,3. In the paste, on the same test, we scored about 30… We probably pay the fact to be starting at the beginning of the dressage competition».


Christoph Wahler/Carjatan S (GER): 'It was very bad. I am incredibly disappointed. My horse spooked at something and for some reason did not get the trot. But he did show some great work.' (Score: 32.8)


Sam Watson/SAP Talisman (IRL): 'He is a difficult horse in this atmosphere because he is a thoroughbred and loves galloping, but I think I did everything I could. It is a high standard in this first phase and I just hope I can catch up on Saturday. The cross-country course reminds me of Tryon [in 2018]. There is a good quantity of difficult fences out there, but they are all jumpable on their own. I think there will be some glance-offs and that is the right way to ask cross-country questions.' (Score: 37.4)


Hawley Awad/Jollybo (CAN): 'She [my mare] is the hardest-working little animal I have ever sat on, but now we get the fun bit [on Saturday]. There are lots of different options on the course and I think most teams are sending their best cross-country horses out first.' (Score: 34.8)


Senne Vervaecke/Google van Alsingen (BEL): 'I was very happy because for me the dressage is the most difficult part. She is a typical chestnut mare! I had hoped to make my team debut with my father [Kris] but he could not come. However, I am on the Belgian squad with Maarten Boon, who was once my babysitter, so everything has come full circle!'


Esteban Benitez Valle/Milana 23 (ESP): «I am very happy because my mare is normally very tense, but her trot was beautiful. She is like a bomb waiting to explode inside, but she has been totally relaxed here - I am very impressed. I trust her 100% across country - we have done 17 4* CCIs and had 16 clears. I will be going out there knowing she is fighting for me.»




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