France moves in to the lead

May 14th 2022

The cross-country test of the CCIO4*-NC-S Test Event held today at Rocca di Papa Equestrian Sports Centre - Pratoni del Vivaro, a general rehearsal for the FEI World Championships™ 2022 (September 15-22), was a spectacle not to be missed.  

After the cross-country, the nine teams competing ranked in the following order with France (87.1 negative points) moving into the lead with a tiny advantage over Switzerland (87.2). A similar situation with close scores also applied to the battle for third place with Sweden (113.6), New Zealand (115.7), Italy (117.7) and Belgium (122.1) all within a handful of points.

Germany, leading after the dressage, finished last (1,071.1) after Ingrid Klimke and SAP Hale Bob OLD retired and the elimination of Anna Siemer riding FRH Butts Avondale.

In the individual ranking the top spot has now gone to Switzerland’s Robin Godel (Grandeur de Lully CH, 26.0) followed by France’s Maxime Livio (Api du Libaire, 27,4). German rider Ingrid Klimke, who was in both first and second place after the dressage, is now third with EQUISTROs Siena just do it (27.9). The Top Ten include Pietro Grandis the best of the Italian riders, in tenth position riding Scuderia 1918 Future (32,5).

Out of the 63 starters, seven completed the cross-country course clear and within the time allowed. Of these seven riders four were Swiss, Nadia Minder with both her horses, Beat Sax, Robin Godel and Mélody Johner and Sweden’s Malin Josefsson and Amanda Pettinger for New Zealand.

The Eventing Test Event ends tomorrow with the jumping (starting at 10.30 am) over a course built by Uliano Vezzani. Live streaming available on Fei.TV, commentary in English, and also on the event’s official website


Click HERE for team ranking for the CCIO4*-NC-S after the cross-country
Click HERE for individual ranking for CCIO4*-NC-S after the cross-country



Photo Robin Godel riding Grandeur de Lully CH - Ph. Massimo Argenziano



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