Jumping course 'by Vezzani'

May 14th 2022

The final jumping test will be enriched by a famous name. It is in fact one of the most famous chefs de piste in the world, Uliano Vezzani, once again invited to build the courses for the 89th Rome CSIO-Master d’Inzeo at Piazza di Siena, who will be building the course for the final and decisive test of the CCIO4*-NC-S at the Pratoni del Vivaro.

This is the very first time that Vezzani will be the course designer in a 3-day event and has also been asked to be the chef de piste for the show jumping test at the FEI World Championships™ scheduled for September.

“The Pratoni del Vivaro is a splendid facility, a really unique one for course building.” - he said.

"So a change, from show jumping to eventing. What changes is the concept of the course. Nowadays the kind of horses ridden in eventing is very similar to those we see in show jumping, but in this case one needs to remember that the day before there has been the effort made in the cross country. One needs to bear this in mind so as to emphasise the quality and technique of these horses and the training done by the riders in preparing for this last test. The concepts of course building change. I have excellent material here for building the course, including both new jumps and others I am familiar with, including the famous ‘birches’, historically always used at Piazza di Siena”.



(Photo Uliano Vezzani - Credits MAV Photo Agency)


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