Pratoni 2022: an already historical logo

Nov 10th 2021

The Romans’ legendary fighting force in the logo for the FEI World Championships 2022 in Pratoni

Ten months before the beginning of the long-awaited FEI World Championships 2022 in Eventing and Driving (Pratoni del Vivaro 15-25 September) the event’s logo has already become a landmark for the many athletes, all those involved and supporters excitedly waiting for this event.

As far as the competitions held in Rome are concerned, the layout characterising all events held under the aegis of the International Equestrian Federation has been enriched by the addition of a new logo created for this occasion for the ’Impianto Sportivo Equestre di Rocca di Papa - Pratoni del Vivaro’ the glorious facilities hosting these championships.


The logo is of course dominated by the horse, the great and popular star of this event, and the colour chosen is purple, predominantly used in FEI World Championships 2022 communication for all disciplines.

The reference to standards, key symbols of the different Roman legions that fought and won the Battle of Lake Regillus against the Latin League, is obvious. The banner was a sort of red labarum, square in shape and embroidered in gold bearing the name or number of the unit. The various portrayals usually included victories, decorations or gods in action, zoomorphic symbols or other mythological figures.

The Battle of Lake Regillus is remembered as an epic confrontation fought in the Tuscolo area where the ’impianto sportivo equestre di Rocca di Papa at Pratoni del Vivaro’ is located and that in its over sixty years of existence has hosted important sports events.


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The Battle of Lake Regillus
Disputed in 496 or 493 B.C. the Battle of Lake Regillus was a clash between the Romans and the Latin League, next to a now dried up lake of volcanic origin situated in the Tuscolo area. It is said that among the troops deployed by the Urbe, two riders stood out “enormously superior for their beauty and stature compared to what human nature usually produced”. According to legends, those two giants were Jupiter’s sons, the Dioscuri, who led the Romans to victory. The Battle of Lake Regillus is one of the first mythical Roman victories. It is mythical because there are no specific references (documents appear to have been destroyed in a fire following the invasions of Brennus’ Gauls). It is also mythical because the outcome of this battle, initially unfavourable for the Urbe’s soldiers, is said to have been decided following the appearance of the mythological Dioscuri: Castor and Pollux.


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