Pratoni 2022: an event that left its mark

Sep 26th 2022

The curtain on the FEI World Championships Pratoni 2022 fell yesterday and the echo of the organizational success of the event, which in the fortnight saw 51,000 people including insiders and spectators, is already great. 

The declarations of esteem and appreciation are arriving from all over the world and reward the great work done. 

These are the comments from the top FEI and the Organizing Committee.


FEI President Ingmar De Vos

“The FEI Eventing and Driving World Championships 2022 in Pratoni del Vivaro has surpassed all our expectations. It has been incredible to see the gradual transformation of this historic equestrian centre, and to have our human and equine athletes treated to top class facilities which have produced fantastic sport over the past two weeks. These FEI World Championships are yet another milestone in the great equestrian tradition of Pratoni del Vivaro, and we are confident that the Italian National Federation will continue to build on this success to ensure a long lasting legacy. I would like to thank Event Director Giuseppe Della Chiesa, President of the Italian Equestrian Sport Federation Marco Di Paola and Secretary General Simone Perillo for their commitment and dedication to organising a memorable FEI World Championships”.


FEI Secretary General Sabrina Ibáñez

“The natural beauty of Pratoni del Vivaro has provided a spectacular backdrop for these FEI Eventing and Driving World Championships 2022, and this venue has been an excellent example of how equestrian sport draws its inspiration from the great outdoors. The success of the FEI Eventing and Driving World Championships 2022 will be measured not only in terms of sporting results, but also by the hard work, commitment and passion that each person involved has put into the creation of this Event. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the Italian Equestrian Sport Federation, the Organising Committee, as well as all the volunteers and spectators who brought these FEI World Championships to life and made these past two weeks truly memorable.”


FEI Director of Games Operations Tim Hadaway

“Every World Championship is unique. And the FEI Eventing and Driving World Championships 2022 in Pratoni del Vivaro will definitely go down in the history books for the quality of the facilities, the level of horsemanship in the competition arena, and the passion of the local and international spectators. Congratulations to the Organising Committee on a job well done and for demonstrating how effective collaboration between the FEI, the host cities, local authorities, media and broadcasters can raise the profile of equestrian sport”. 


FISE President Marco Di Paola

“FEI World Eventing and Driving Championships 2022 have represented the ‘made in Italy’ best showcase as far as the organizations of sport events goes. 51.000 spectators enriched the success of the event during the two weeks of competitions. The appreciation we received from insiders and especially from IOC President Thomas Bach, who on Saturday 17 September visited the equestrian facility of Rocca di Papa at the Pratoni del Vivaro - the former site of the 1960 Olympics - was the highest confirmation. As at the CSIO of Piazza di Siena, also for the Pratoni del Vivaro the Federation’ goal has been to enhance the facility and its location. Our sport takes place in the midst of nature and we hold the responsibility to respect and preserve it, presenting fully sustainable events”.

Giuseppe Della Chiesa - Event Director

“The main goal of a major sporting event such as a world championship is to ensure that the whole organising aspects related to every single technical matter are guaranteed. I can proudly say that we hit the target, as witnessed by the universal approval we received from all those who have been at Pratoni del Vivaro over the past few days: riders, grooms, technical staff, national delegations, insiders, media, etc. The historic facilities have been completely restored and all the work has been carried to present a state-of-the-art facility with attention to every modern detail starting from the footing of the arenas. Everything has also been done with respect for the eco-sustainability required in the National Park that hosted us. Italy and the equestrian sports have regained a location of excellence that matches the celebrity it has achieved worldwide during over 60 years of history”.


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